What Video Wins

So – how do you tell if a business’s video did a good job or not? Subscribers? watch time, views, drove more leads? Influencer video drove more general business? Email signups? What about Google searches, did they increase for that brand during that time? What about overall views of other videos on the channel? HOSTS: …

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YouTube Call-To-Actions

What should you ask your viewers to do in a YouTube video? In marketing we call this the “call-to-action.” Should you ask viewers to like, subscribe, comment, download something, watch another video, or buy something? Or do you ask something different? And importantly, when do ask them? Today we’ll give you some answers. HOSTS: The …

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YouTube Stories vs. Education

YouTube Stories vs. Education

We break down the differences between emphasizing stories vs. education in YouTube videos for business. What types of storytelling are there? How can companies use them as standalone techniques, and how can they combine them? Today we’ll tell you how. HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by: – Dane Golden of VidiUp.tv and …

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How To Do Shoppable Videos Best

We take a look at shoppable videos: What are they? Which platforms are doing them best? How can you do them? Dane and Gwen, with special co-host Shelly share their experience with how shoppable videos work, how China is a step ahead, how Amazon does it, and how YouTube could give creators the opportunity to …

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How To Do YouTube Comments Better

YouTube comments can really make your channel become a two-way conversation between you and your viewers. Dane and Gwen go through the different ways you can use comments to increase your channels’ viewership, how you can hurt your channel by banning comments and ways to deal with negative comments. HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast …

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YouTube Influencer Marketing ROI

YouTube Influencer Marketing ROI

As a business, you know that influencer marketing on YouTube can be extremely valuable in getting the word out to potential customers. But how do you choose which YouTube creators to work with? How do you know what value to place on them? And how do you know afterwards what kind of value you’ve gotten. …

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