Is Your YouTube Channel Really Growing?

Is Your YouTube Channel Really Growing? 1

Gwen gives you four metrics that you should look at in the YouTube Studio to see how healthy your channel is and what you can do with them to grow that channel.

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HOSTS: The Video Marketing Value Podcast is hosted by:
– Dane Golden of and | LinkedIn | Twitter | YouTube
– Gwen Miller  Hearst MagazinesLinkedIn | Twitter

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PRODUCER: Jason Perrier of Phizzy Studios

Gwen Miller:
“They’re coming back and hanging on every video, but the truth is 98% of your audience is coming to you via that algorithm. Even your subscriber base, if YouTube doesn’t serve it up to them on silver platter, they may not necessarily be seeking you out on their own. It illustrates the importance of working with YouTube as a platform with the algorithm to get your content out there, because it really is very much dependent on that.”