Top TubeBuddy Features for Video Marketers

Video Marketing Value Podcast

Shelly and Dane give you their favorite features from TubeBuddy for making your YouTube channel better. And guess what? You get to vote on whose tips you like better. Because you’ll get to vote. How do you vote? By clicking on either Shelly or Dane’s links, you’ll allocate who will get the referral fee when you sign up. HINT: Shelly’s got the better deal.

YouTube Secrets Book with Sean Cannell [Updated Tips]

YouTube Secrets by Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell has been educating YouTubers to the tune of upwards of 2 million subscribers over the past more than a decade on his Think Media channel. Now, with his Video Influencers co-author Benji Travis, they’ve released and updated version of their book, “YouTube Secrets: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Following and Making Money as a Video Influencer.” Today he gives us a preview of some incredible tips from the book.

YouTube Consultants Explained

YouTube Consultants Explained

Today we’re talking about the various kinds YouTube consultants. There are a lot of people say they need a YouTube consultant, but what does that really? We’ll define and give insight on the different types of roles.

New YouTube Shorts Announcements [And More]

YouTube Announcements - Shorts, Music, Monetization

YouTube has made several important announcements about Shorts, Monetization, and Music. Our very own ShellySavesTheDay was “in the Zoom where it happens.” Here’s our take on the changes.

How To Get YouTube Viewers Coming Back Again

How to get YouTube viewers to come back again

It’s great if your viewers watch one of your videos. But if you’re going to make a strong enough connection to turn them into customers, you’ve got to get them coming back again and again. But how? Today we’re going to tell you how to do this.

Software for YouTube

Software for YouTube

If you’re trying to grow your business with YouTube, you’re going to need some software tools to help you along. We’ve got some tools you might want to try, and some links below to check them out.